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Breast Conserving Cancer Surgery

Breast conservative surgery is one of the modern ways of breast cancer surgery where doctors conserve the breast with its size and shape but remove the cancerous part. But not in all case its possible and it depends on case to case.

Mostly if the breast lump or cancerous part or tumor is smaller in size and not been spread across nearby tissue or region or rather in an early stage this conservative surgery can be done. Its beneficial to a woman both cosmetically and psychologically. It’s a proven fact that one having conservative surgery followed by tumor board guided radiation or hormonal therapy have similar survival rate with one who has undergone entire breast removal surgery which is called as mastectomy.

Often reconstructive surgery gets done after breast conserving surgery to give a cosmetic balance and similarity between two breasts.

Breast Conserving Surgery is really a blessing now a days to young women, having plan for pregnancy and active in outer world.

Unfortunately, still there is a myth that exists that breast cancer surgery means entire breast removal only, which is not true.

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