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Company Profile

Company Profile

Indian Cancer Treatment is one of the most reputed and authentic body which meets the demand for cancer treatment guide for patients travelling to India from abroad apart from the hospital strategic consultation. 

Strategic Consultancy Services

At Indian Cancer Treatment, we pride ourselves on being a leading force in cancer treatment advocacy, dedicated to supporting both international and domestic patients. Our strategic consultancy services are designed to empower hospitals with the tools and insights necessary to achieve brand development and market differentiation in the competitive healthcare landscape.

Brand Development

Our consultancy team works closely with hospitals to craft a unique and compelling brand identity that resonates with patients and stakeholders alike. We delve deep into understanding the core values and strengths of each institution, ensuring that their brand communicates trust, excellence, and compassion. Through comprehensive brand audits, targeted marketing strategies, and innovative communication plans, we help hospitals build a strong, recognizable, and respected presence in the healthcare market.

Market Differentiation

In an industry where patients have numerous choices, standing out is crucial. Our expertise lies in identifying and highlighting the unique selling points of each hospital. We conduct thorough market research and competitive analysis to pinpoint opportunities for differentiation. By leveraging advanced technologies, patient-centric care models, and specialized treatment offerings, we assist hospitals in establishing themselves as leaders in cancer treatment.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our strategic consultancy extends beyond traditional marketing and branding. We offer a holistic approach that includes:

Patient Experience Enhancement : Designing and implementing strategies to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Digital Transformation: Integrating cutting-edge digital tools and platforms to streamline operations and enhance patient engagement.

Reputation Management: Crafting and executing plans to build and maintain a positive public image.

Collaborative Partnerships: Facilitating alliances and partnerships that drive growth and innovation.


At Indian Cancer Treatment, our goal is to help hospitals not only attract and retain patients but also to build a sustainable and impactful presence in the healthcare sector. Through our strategic consultancy services, we ensure that each hospital we work with is equipped to face the challenges of today and tomorrow, providing exceptional care and making a meaningful difference in the lives of cancer patients.

The team is having consolidated experience of over 55 years into health and hospital industry with focussed and specialised acumen in oncology treatment. We are committed to support our clients to guide and to help them to choose the right cancer hospital for their treatment as not all hospitals are cancer specific hospitals. We also help our valuable clients to choose their cancer treatment hospitals within their planned budget amongst different private, trusty and government run cancer specific hospitals.