Indian Cancer Treatment

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We Emphasize on…

Cancer treatment costs not only a person but to the whole family of the patient. When someone gets affected by cancer, people get blank and start running doctors to doctors randomly. Each doctor opines from his personal point of view whereas cancer treatment outcome depends on a collective board opinion which is called “tumour board”. 

When patient depends on an individual doctor, they mostly get guided by single vision and end up with inappropriate & insufficient treatment which causes lots of suffering and financial burden. Then adding to these sufferings come again a second opinion, from another oncologist (who may not be an oncologist by education). The overall blind run causes a significant socio-economic damage for the patient as well his family. 

We understand the pain of such patients and their family members hence we took the oath to hold their hands from the very starting of the treatment so that they can be guided in medico scientific way to get a collective treatment plan from an authentic cancer institute and pass through the tumour board. 

Our AIM is to smoothen your cancer treatment journey as far as possible by ensuring

• Timely treatment by right faculty.
• Right Place & hospital for your treatment.
• Offering a cost-effective treatment.
• Helping post-surgical chemo delivery through our effective partners at your country / region.
• Psychological Counselling by associate clinicians.
• Offering a virtual based follow up with your own treating doctor sitting at your country or region.
• To provide a strong mental support by our care givers as well as by our survivor club meet